Player Recognition

The Club recognises players each season. The following awards are offered within each team.

Coach's Award

The Coach's Award is awarded to the player who demonstrates the most growth/development, sportsmanship, leadership, punctuality and/or has positively contributed to building team spirit throughout the season, on and off-court.

Voted by the Team Coach.

Best & Fairest Award

The Best & Fairest Award is awarded to the player who over the season has:

  • demonstrated the best performance on court, as noted by their advanced skills and ability to positively influence/control the game
  • represented the Club in a sportsmanlike manner while upholding the Club's Code of Conduct.

The award is voted each week by a parent of a player in the team. The schedule is assigned at the start of the season by the Team Manager, on a rotation basis. The most common voting system used by teams is:

  • 3 votes for best on court
  • 2 votes for second best on court
  • 1 vote for third best on court

At the end of each season

At the end of each season, the Team Manager should send the name of your team's Coach's Award winner and Best & Fairest Award winner to